About us

EAGLE pole wear is a brand designed by a young, creative team. Our costumes are designed  for physically active women, who want to stay in shape. What we do for you is design original projects that are not only eye-catching, but also of high quality. That’s why our outfits are made of premium Polish and Italian materials. EAGLE collections are divided into three categories, ranging from classic sporty style outfits, which can be worn on pole dance trainings, at the gym, and for fitness workout to more bolder designs inspired by pole dance. The last category are glamorous costumes, which were tailored for stage performances. The diversity of cuttings and materials makes it possible for each of you to find the right costume. Additionally, we realize individual customer demands, which enables you to mix colors and styles of your choice. We design our products to make them as comfortable as possible, so we continually discuss our ideas with pole dancers. Our mission is to make you feel gorgeous, so that you can go 100% on each training!